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Battlefall is an online PvP RPG with real time combat and sandbox elements.. It's a game created and developed by VisionCraft Studio.

Real Time Combat[edit | edit source]

Aim in real time to unleash heavy melee attacks, devastating spells and piercing arrows. Evade and block in real time. Use the environment to your advantage.

Free Character Development[edit | edit source]

Combine any armor, weapons and spells to create your very unique character. Become what you want with no classes and races.

Free Building System[edit | edit source]

Gather resources and build everywhere with modular building blocks. Build tower and walls to protected your cities.

Battle Grounds and Persistent World[edit | edit source]

Refine your skills in the Arena, take part in Conquests or play in a Persistent World. Meet friends at the Safe Haven or craft at your Base.

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